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Paint Made for the Sunshine State.
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Chemistry Counts

Florida's Climate is Tough. Florida Paints Products are Tougher.

Every can of Florida Paints has an unmatched formulation advantage over national brands. Our team of chemists create products that are specifically designed to provide long-term durability and protect your projects from the wind-driven rain, UV rays, and salt mist that make our climate so unforgiving.

Paint Is In Our DNA

Decades of Experience

Florida Paints is the Strube family’s “second act in paint.”  As the original founders of Color Wheel Paints, the Strube legacy is rooted with values and a culture that began in 1960 and transcends through today. Many of our employees have been part of our paint family for over twenty five years. With a combined paint knowledge that spans many decades we are a collective of true paint experts.

Florida Tested. Florida Proven.

Quality You Can Count On

Every drop of our paint begins with the highest quality raw materials. From there we conduct extensive quality control protocols at each stage of production to ensure that every can of paint delivers consistent, premium, product performance.

Regional Expertise

Local Matters

Private local and regional businesses are the heart and soul of America. For 60 years our dedication to regional expertise has allowed us to serve and support the evolving needs of Florida.  Your projects deserve a thoughtful partner who can deliver expert knowledge, dedicated service, localized support, and custom solutions.

We're Better Together

Your Partner in Paint

The perfect partnership begins before and lasts well after your job is complete. We are here every step of the way to ensure the success of every project, big and small.

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