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Chemistry Counts

Florida’s Climate is Tough. Florida Paints Products are Tougher.

Every can of Florida Paints has an unmatched formulation advantage over national brands. Our team of chemists create products that are specifically designed to provide long-term durability and protect your projects from the wind-driven rain, UV rays, and salt mist that make our climate so unforgiving.
Florida Paints for Tough Climates
Local Matters

Regional Expertise

Private local and regional businesses are the heart and soul of America. For 60 years our dedication to regional expertise has allowed us to serve and support the evolving needs of Florida.  Your projects deserve a thoughtful partner who can deliver expert knowledge, dedicated service, localized support, and custom solutions.


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Powdered Pool: a relaxing and refreshing light aqua
Meet Money Tree: an earthy, elegant terracotta
Habitat for Humanity
Florida Tested. Florida Proven.

Quality You Can Count On

Every drop of our paint begins with high-quality raw materials. From there, we conduct extensive quality control protocols at each stage of production to ensure that each can of paint will consistently deliver premium product performance.