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New Year. New Colors.

Uplift and Update

Start 2022 with a fresh start! Complementary pinks and greens will inspire you to transform your home and brighten up the New Year. Be bold this season and opt for a bright pop of color. The warming energy of Pink Explosion is a great choice for a multi-use bedroom and is the perfect backdrop for your bright white furnishings. Add accents of soothing green Vacation Island through accessories and lighting and you’ve added a perfect motivational study space.




Bring the outdoors in with the transitional green hues of the palette. For a bright accent, paint Vacation Island onto a feature wall and combine with Vegetarian and Colleen Green on the remaining walls and kitchen units. These natural greens have a timeless and relaxing quality and are perfect for kitchens and communal rooms.

Kitchen with green wall
Light green living room with pink couch

If you prefer a more subtle scheme, why not try the tinted off white Colleen Green on your living room walls? This soft tinted hue offers a new neutral and works beautifully with bright and bold soft furnishings; inspiration from Pink Explosion creates the perfect partner to introduce added warmth and energy to the room.

Be Bold

Bottom wave element on the Florida Paints website

For an organic style, look to the earthy quality of Vegetarian. This comforting bedroom is created with the addition of soft textiles in tonally similar colors to the dark and dramatic feature wall, creating the ultimate relaxation space to wind down and sleep. Bring a warm and welcoming mood to your family office by pairing the complementary dark tones in the palette, Vegetarian and Temptress. Choose wooden furnishings to complete the homely country style, and why not add a touch of modernity through playful and bright artwork and accessories.

Pink bedroom wall with dark green shutters

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