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art for abaco

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Shipping Hope

On Labor Day weekend of 2019, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in The Bahamas hit the Abaco region with winds up to 180mph and gusts at 250mph. The devastation of Hurricane Dorian was catastrophic. With 70,000 people displaced, and the death toll in the thousands, the residents of Grand Bahama and Abaco were left with little hope.

Fortunately, many Floridians and Bahamians have been working together this past year to get donated supplies to the islands by loading it into shipping containers.

A few months ago, our friend Lander Talbott contacted us to help participate in a project along with 10 Miami-based muralists and 10 shipping containers. We were ecstatic to provide the base coat primers and some paint for the containers, and with the wonderful help of Graco, they sprayed the paint onto the containers. 

Beyond simply painting the containers, Lander organized an epic day of painting, community, and fun. People tied to the Bahamas gathered together from around Florida to help support the cause and just come out for a good time. A few days after the containers were painted, they were filled with supplies and shipped over to the islands.

Once bleak and bland, these shipping containers were transformed into beautiful works of art to bring joy and hope to our friends in Grand Bahama and Abaco. Amongst destruction, there can be beauty.


A special thanks to all the incredible artists who donated their time to paint these wonderful murals.

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