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Enhance motivation and wellbeing with color

Different color notebooks on a table highlighting how the right color palette can boost motivation at work.

Stress free

Whether you’re working remotely, or you and your team are heading back into the office, boost motivation and improve you and your colleagues’ wellbeing with this optimistic color palette. Organic and easy to use neutrals, Fresh Linen and Polished are lifted by a complementary pastel duo of blue-green Dreaming of the Day and clear peachy Pink Satin in this soft yet energizing scheme. To add definition, add a graphic element with dark charcoal Smokescreen in this month’s work-friendly palette. 

of the day


Working from home for the foreseeable future? Take some time to create a designated area for your home office by layering the palette’s warmer shades to achieve a simple yet inspirational wall mural. Through painted geometric shapes, soft Pink Satin and neutral Fresh Linen and Polished create a comforting yet optimistic mood, ideal for enhancing engagement and productivity.

Desk in front of a painted wall showing how colors can boost motivation at work.

First impressions are everything! So, treat office waiting and reception areas to a sophisticated and slick interior overhaul. Fresh and cool, a two-tone color scheme in Dreaming of the Day and Polished is crisp and clean, especially when accessorized with minimalist furniture and lighting. The palette’s darkest shade, Smokescreen is naturally refined and is enhanced by statement furniture in the palette’s pastel pair.

Waiting room with pastel chair accents

Sophisticated impressions

Bottom wave element on the Florida Paints website
Home office in bedroom with plants

Quick and simple interior updates could be exactly what’s needed to improve your working environment. Here, woodwork is instantly lifted with a lick of paint. Wooden coffee tables feel modern in charcoal black Smokescreen, and small desks stand out in Dreaming of the Day. Paired with plenty of plants, this is a perfect oasis for remote working in small studio apartments.

Wood coffee table with notebook and plant

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