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The Flo-Poxy 100% Solids Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating represents a two-part, high-performance epoxy designed to meet the demands of chemical-resistant, high-build, seamless, and abrasion-resistant flooring applications. This formulation delivers a high gloss finish with minimal VOCs and odor while offering outstanding protection against chemicals, abrasion, and stains, making it suitable for both solid-color applications and as a primer and color basecoat for decorative chip or quartz floors. Part A: 5740 Clear | 5745 Grey Part B: 5750 | 5751 | 5752 Flo-Poxy 5751 MVB and 5752 FSMVB Moisture Vapor Barrier 100% Solids Epoxy Primers have been uniquely crafted as part-B constituents to complement the part-A component of 5740/5745 Flo-Poxy, a high-performance, chemically resistant glossy epoxy intended for use in scenarios demanding a moisture vapor barrier (MVB) or when the concrete’s moisture level surpasses 4%. These epoxy primers, designed to tolerate moisture, can endure moisture levels of up to 25 pounds per 1,000 square feet over a 24-hour period. For more details, please refer to the product data sheet for 5740 Flo-Poxy.

Introducing our robust flooring line featuring Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Crack Filler, Thickening Agent, and Color Pods, specifically engineered for durable, heavy-duty flooring projects designed to stand the test of time.

Bottom wave element on the Florida Paints website


The Flo-Spartic Hi-Solids 2-Part Polyaspartic Coating is a dual-component, aliphatic polyurea coating with 98.5% solids and low VOC content. It boasts outstanding attributes, including exceptional chemical resistance, hardness, resistance to abrasion, UV stability, and a clear Gardner color appearance. This versatile coating can be used as a transparent protective layer or can be tinted with a color pod to achieve an opaque finish. It is particularly well-suited for safeguarding chip or flake floors, and it offers a quick return to service, with as little as 6 hours of drying time for light foot traffic.

Part A: 5760A

Part B: 5760B


Crack Filler is a two-part epoxy crack filler with a 100% solids composition, specially crafted for addressing minor to moderate concrete repairs, whether on vertical or horizontal surfaces. This product offers a straightforward mixing process and employs a non-critical 2:1 mix ratio. Its 100% solid formulation enables the application of a thicker layer on horizontal surfaces when necessary.

Speed-Fill 2-Part Polyurea Crack Filler is solvent-borne high penetration and extremely fast setting crack filler. Speed-Fill is easy to mix and easily penetrates deep into cracks and joints and reaches full cure in as little as 10 – 30 minutes. After cured, can withstand forklift traffic or be sanded/grinded smooth.


Color Pod

This high-performance universal colorant is specifically formulated for use within the FLO-Coatings line of durable epoxy, polyaspartic floor coatings, and epoxy crack fillers. Notably low in VOC content, it offers excellent coverage, ease of application, and comes in four readily available stock colors, with the option for special-order custom shades.


This specially developed polyolefin powder is formulated for incorporation into paints and coatings with the aim of enhancing viscosity and resistance to sagging. This thickening agent enables the 5740/45 Flo-Poxy 100% Solids Self-Leveling Epoxy floor coatings to be applied on vertical surfaces, granting contractors the capability to seamlessly create an integrated cove base that connects the floor to the wall. It is compatible with most solvent and water-based coatings, including epoxies and urethanes. The powder itself is white and does not impact the color of the coating, although clear coatings may exhibit a slight cloudiness.

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