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Florida Paints Cares

A little Goes a long way

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A greener tomorrow, a cleaner today.

We are proud to be responsible stewards of the environment. Not only do we offer low and no VOC paint options, we have implemented a zero effluent manufacturing process, and utilize all electric forklifts in our warehouse and distribution.

Zero Effluent Manufacturing ensures that no wastewater is released into the environment. It also reduces the amount of fresh water intake through recycling and reuse of resources. The production process becomes more efficient without compromising quality.

A key benefit of electric forklifts is that they greatly reduce emissions. For every 10,000 hours of use, internal combustion (IC) engine-powered forklifts emit 120,000 more pounds of carbon emissions than electric-powered forklifts, according to EPRI.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) GREET Life Cycle calculator, electric forklifts produce the lowest well-to-wheel greenhouse gases of any forklift.

Every little thing helps to ensure we are painting a brighter day now and tomorrow.

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