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Incredible epoxy job

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close up product of epoxy


No, you are not looking at a beautiful blue ocean. What you are seeing is an incredible epoxy floor designed to not only protect this garage floor but also impress visitors. Done by R&L flooring, this job came in at 2200 square feet. The job required a solid two days of grinding to make the concrete as porous as possible for the coating to grip the surface properly.  Once the surface was properly prepared, the Ocean Blue Metallic was mixed, poured out, and squeegeed around to achieve approximately 20 mils. After the colored base coat, the contractor dipped and rolled a clear moisture-cured aliphatic urethane to protect the surface from scratches, tire marks, and overall wear and tear. In total, this process took around four days to complete. Florida Paints is proud to be able to supply the 100% epoxy base coat and metallic pigment from our friends over at Rustoleum, along with our 6850 Dek-Shell as the clear coat needed for this project.

Complete failure of the paint can occur if left untreated.

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Lindsey Bynum

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