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Blues to Calm and Restore

And Relax...

Calm and collected, this selection of blue hues is designed to create a restorative atmosphere for health and wellness environments. Working from light to dark and sharing a similar undertone, three blues are chosen from our Color of the Year 2022 trend card. A neutral pebble and immersive blue-black ground this selection of shaded blue hues. So, this month, discover the healing qualities of peaceful blues.



For a positive mood, keep fitness studios light and bright with walls in neutral, August Moon. To create a focal point and sense of coziness, paint high ceilings in Happy Tune, this rich navy blue will make the coldest rooms feel warm and inviting. Finish with light wood panelling to frame studio mirrors and considered accessories in tonally similar blues for a cohesive and clean style. 

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Blue chair in front of blue walls

Using a light to dark combination of blue hues can soften and bring a sense of calm to waiting areas. Here, Happy Tune, Madonna Blue and Blue Pot work harmoniously to create a tranquil sanctuary to relax before a treatment. Finish with draped sheer curtains that welcome in natural light and enhance this tranquil atmosphere. Opt for the palette’s darkest hue Octavius and completely transform gym and workout spaces. This immersive blue-black is a dynamic paint choice and is ideal for zoning spaces in gyms and fitness studios.

Relax and Recharge

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Why not add color to changing rooms and create a more welcoming atmosphere with the palette’s darker hues? A duo of mid-toned Madonna Blue for lockers, and walls in Octavius is a sophisticated and eye-catching pairing. Finish with benches in darker woods and warm spotlights to elevate this feeling of comfort and refined leisure.

Pool floor painted blue

Why not take the palette further than just the walls and incorporate it into swimming pools to create a truly serene and restful atmosphere? This month’s palette of soothing color is beautifully versatile, making this scheme a natural choice for spa and wellness spaces. With this palette of calming blue hues, guests are guaranteed to feel relaxed and comfortable!

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The safety of our employees and customers is our first priority. In preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Ian, our Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, West Bradenton, East Bradenton, Clearwater, Hudson, Wesley Chapel, Brandon, Ocala, Villages, Winter Garden, Oviedo, Osceola, Orlando area, Melbourne, and Daytona stores will be closed Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022, and most likely on Thursday, Sept 29th as well. Our Jacksonville area stores will be open until 12:00pm on Wednesday.

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