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"Hard work, integrity and honesty are always a good recipe for success"

The Florida Paints story started in 1960 with Don and Charlie Strube.


In 1960, Don and Charlie Strube moved to Orlando for a change of pace from their Mid-Western roots. They saw the opportunity for a paint market, as tourism in Florida was booming, and Disney wasn’t even on the map yet. As time went on, more and more people were moving to Florida, which meant more paint was needed–and Color Wheel Paints & Coatings was born. The unique thing about their paint specifically, was the chemistry, which still is made with similar formulas today. Don and Charlie understood that paint in Florida needed to be made better, with the Florida climate in mind. 


Sixty years later, Florida Paints is still made to fight harsh elements like wind, salt, and sun. And the Strube legacy carries on, with Rick and Don Strube Jr. co-founding Florida Paints in 2011. 

like father like sons

Growing up working at Color Wheel, brothers Rick and Don Jr. learned the ropes to the industry. From delivery drivers to salesmen, it’s safe to say they know just about all there is to know in the paint industry. Though their knowledge is expansive when it comes to paint, their values of hard work, integrity and honesty serve as their true recipe for success. 


The challenge today for Florida Paints is being a small fish in a big pond. Regional, family owned manufacturers  are becoming very rare. “When compared to national brands our products are typically better and we have local knowledge that the big guys don’t. But it’s very hard to compete against giant marketing machines with stores and outlets on every corner,” says Don. With so much competition, it’s vital for the business to stay on their game. “Even though we are David competing in an arena of industry Goliaths we are growing and succeeding. Our corporate values and beliefs are proving to be valid.”


Rick and Don Strube in the Florida Paints manufacturing facility
Rick and Don Strube as children

The interesting thing about Florida Paints are the people who work here. Many of our team members have been in the business for more than 20 years. These days, that’s a rarity for so many people to continue working together over a span of decades. Those family values that were instilled back in 1960 transcend to today. 


“By far the most rewarding part of our industry is working with the great team we have at Florida Paints and sharing the good times, and not so good times, with people you really care about,” says Rick.

Only good things ahead!

From packing oranges to making paint.

Bottom wave element on the Florida Paints website

history rooted in old florida

In the early 1900s, people began moving to Florida to to grow citrus. In the 1920s, the citrus industry was booming, and by the 1930s, Winter Garden became the second-largest exporter of citrus in the world. This specific photo is the original Winter Garden Citrus Growers Association packing plant. 

A picture of the old orange packing plant that would become the future home of Florida Paints.
A Florida Paints truck pulled into the Florida Paints plant in Winter Garden, Florida. Used on the Contact Us page.

Well, as time went on, this plant became an empty space. We renovated it in 2018 and now we call it home. All of our paint is made and packaged in this plant. 

We feel honored to carry on this plant’s history, from packing Florida oranges to making Florida paint. Seems fitting to us. We welcome you to drop by anytime!

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