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Prep your space

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Prep your space!

Proper surface preparation is the key to a successful paint project.  

The surface must be clean, dry and have a proper surface profile for the coating being used.  

Also, be sure to protect things that you do not want to paint.  Paint is a liquid and will drip, spatter, spill, over-spray, etc. always when you don’t want it to.  Even the steadiest handed painter will make a mistake. 

Protect floors and furniture with a clean drop cloth or sheet plastic, mask areas with tape, paper and/or masking film to protect areas not to be painted. And always have a rag or two handy to clean up the inevitable “oops.”

Contact your local Florida Paints Representative or call our Technical Services Department at 407.986.1000 X1222 to be sure your project will be a success

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