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This functional palette is perfect for promoting playfulness, positivity, and stimulation.

Back to school is around the corner

With vacation season ending this month’s palette explores colors for educational environments. Bold and confident, blue, yellow, red, and green are grounded by an easy neutral hue. This functional palette is perfect for promoting playfulness, positivity, and stimulation.




For an instantly welcoming and cheerful appearance, why not invest in bold color schemes for educational exteriors and child-friendly environments? 

Playground with painted flooring designed to promote positivity

Play areas are given a colorful makeover with path-finding shapes in Dandy Lion, Florida Waters, and Aqueous.

School exterior with primary color windows

Transform a school’s façade. Pebblebrook is used as a base with eye-catching window frames in the primary and secondary hues.

Color Makes Fun

Bottom wave element on the Florida Paints website

School corridors are given a colorful update with walls in cheerful yellow and lockers in a combination of bold blue, red and green. Sports halls can also benefit from this color-confident palette through painted wall murals. This not only offsets an uninspiring white wall but can also be a creative activity to involve the students in. Let our inspiring color tips support you in making interior paint choices to enhance children’s engagement and mood in the classroom and beyond.

School lockers painted in blue, red, and green
Rainbow painted on a gym wall to promote positivity
A child's room with stars painted on the walls

For those looking to home-school this academic year, creating a designated area for your little ones to learn and have fun in is a great way to help with work-life balance. Playful wall murals are also a brilliant way to enhance creativity. Use true blue, Florida Waters as your key paint color and create a starry-night theme with stenciled stars in Primary red, Empower, and neutral Pebblebrook.

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