Sky High Mountain Blues

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Cool and Calm Blues Inspired by Nature

A bedroom painted using our "sky high mountain blues" color palette.

Blissful Blues

A duo of tranquil cool blues, Simple Serenity and Polished Cotton create a refreshing yet peaceful atmosphere for bedrooms. Create your own ‘headboard’ with a clever painted feature wall to frame your bed. In this understated painted mural, the blues gently transition in saturation from the clear freshness of Simple Serenity to the softened Polished Cotton. This relaxed scheme pairs beautifully with minimalist pendant lighting and layered soft accessories in pure whites and natural hues.


Dressing rooms and walk-in closets are effortlessly refined in the shaded blue-gray of Chicago Skyline. This soft, muted hue elevates woodwork and can also be used to create sophisticated zoning effects in the bedroom.

A closet with blue-colored clothes hanging within it.

Looking for a simple and time friendly interior update? Refresh and upcycle wooden furniture with a coat of Polished Cotton. Soft and calming, this blue hue makes a gentle statement against a backdrop of the cool and clear Melting Glacier.

Light blue wall with darker blue desk in front of it

Use multiple blue tones to add depth and character

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Light blue guest bedroom

A feeling of modern luxury emerges in a neutral duo scheme of Chicago Skyline and Ice Flow. This pairs beautifully with a statement upholstered bed frame, an array of plump cushions, crisp bed linen and silver décor. 

Elevate guest rooms in time for the return of visiting family and friends in the new year with the bright and light, Simple Serenity and soothing Polished Cotton.

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