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Coal Black

Black living room
Black bedroom. R018 Coal Black.
A cozy dining room with a gold chandelier above a wooden table a


The first color in our Trending Colors series, is R018 Coal Black.

Our Color Expert, Ashley Lanning, gives us the details on this prominent color.

“It can be used on both interior and exterior spaces. It makes a bold statement. I love a black house. [On the] inside, you can do ceilings, wall to wall, [an] all black room is very sexy and romantic.”

“Black tones pair really good with natural wood, so it makes that pop. R018 Coal Black makes a great accent wall for sure. And just doing the ceiling with an all-white, or just black doors with an all-white room, really makes it pop.”

“If you want to make a statement, paint your house black, paint your interior black, use black accents because it’s nontraditional. This is what makes it a trending color.”

Be bold. Be different. 

Ashley Lanning
If you need assistance with choosing a color, please contact our fabulous Color Expert, Ashley Lanning at:

407.986.1000 X 1107

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