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Historic Jacksonville Home

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This shining jewel in the Historic Riverdale neighborhood of Jacksonville had not been painted in more than 20 years. Decades of extreme weather exposure had left the exterior in need of some TLC to bring it back its original glory.

It was imperative to keep the natural beauty of the home, which was built in 1903, while preserving its authentic charm. The biggest challenge was selecting colors that were representative of the era, but that would also perform in Florida’s challenging climate, and the homes proximity to water. The traditionally rich, and deep colors from this period are definitely more prone to quicker fading.

After proper surface preparation of the original wood, the home was painted with the Legacy 1100 Series, our finest premium exterior paint. This easy to apply, high-performing powerhouse provides exceptional protection and weathering resistance. Legacy’s high titanium dioxide content delivers vibrant, bright and resilient color for lasting beauty.

Before Florida Paints
After Florida Paints
Exterior shot of a historic home before it was painted with Florida Paints
After shot of historic home painted with Florida Paints

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The freshly painted exterior provides a lasting and durable surface that serves as the icing on the cake for numerous remodeling and restoration efforts that have been implemented over the years. These updates honor and preserve the history of the house and will help ensure the protection of the home exterior for years to come.

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