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Seminole State College in Sanford, FL is one of the nation’s fastest growing colleges. And, is ranked in the U.S. News & World Report 2021 edition of Best Colleges – Regional Colleges South.

The campus displays their pride with state-of-the-art learning and recreational facilities for faculty and students. The character of the campus is reflected through beautifully maintained safe and accessible buildings.

The Challenge

Metal substrates can be a challenge for coatings systems. In addition to the obvious concerns about rust formation. Many times there is also consideration from facility, building and project managers about application cost, required surface preparation and final paint system performance under sometimes extreme and varying environmental conditions. 

Another drawback to standard metal coating solutions is that epoxy based systems are known to have an associated smell due to the nature of their formulation. 

The Seminole State team needed a low-odor, easily cleanable, water-based ceiling coating for metal substrates that would bring back the luster into a rusted out metal gymnasium ceiling.

The final system needed to not only deliver exceptional performance and surface protection, but be competitively priced and easy-to-apply. Facility downtime and required surface preparation needed to be minimal.

The Solution

Florida Paints Aquatra 5360 SRS Industrial Super Rust stop DTM Metal Primer. This specially formulated acrylic, rust inhibitive, 100% acrylic primer, fortified with extra rust inhibitors, is designed to be applied to marginally prepared interior and exterior metal surfaces in light to moderate industrial, maintenance, or new construction climates. 

Its special formulation offers ease of application, excellent coverage and extreme adhesion, moisture and corrosion resistance and convenience. It dries fast, provides excellent durability, is mildew resistant, resists flash rusting.  Aquatra 5360 is an excellent base coat for both water-based and alkyd/oil-based finish coatings. 

Product can be used as a stand alone, although a top coat is recommended for optimal performance.

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How We Helped:

Paint Specifications

After assessing the needs of the project and identifying the best paint system for the job, we then worked in partnership with the team to ensure that facilities maintenance, the painting contractor, and paint supplier were all aligned for the best results. 

Jobsite Inspection

We committed to regular onsite inspections throughout the project from start to finish. Detailed reports and pictures of each inspection were created and input into our Go Canvas reporting system. This allowed for easy and streamlined communication with the school and project leaders. 


We created this product to satisfy a unique marketplace need. The results in use have been more than impressive.


Beautiful, lasting finish that protects and brightens indoor areas with high ceilings.

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