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Southside Elementary School

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The Southside Elementary School in Sarasota, FL is a well-known academic institution and point of pride for the city. On September 14, 1984, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Challenge

Maintain and honor the historic integrity of the building while ensuring optimal paint system performance. Its relatively close proximity to water means it gets a more than fair amount of environmental challenges that coastal living brings to buildings. Since the desired exterior color is white, it was imperative that the final result would be non-yellowing. In addition, the selected system needed to be guaranteed to perform for five years.

The Solution

Florida Paints recommended a comprehensive paint system from primer to topcoat that satisfied all project needs. 

AquaSeal Primer 3692 is a high performance chalk sealer and bonding coat to ensure proper adhesion of the topcoat. Ultra Satin 8220 is a superior quality latex with exceptional weathering resistance and easy application. 

Plastiflex Elastomeric Adhesive Compound 8510 is an extremely flexible elastomeric patching compound designed to bridge cracks and minor surface defects. Once cured, it provides a permanent, yet flexible, repair that is mildew resistance. TropiFlex Flexicon 6470 flexible, breathable, decorative and protective coating engineered to waterproof all types of above or on-grade concrete and masonry.

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How We Helped:

Paint Specifications

After assessing the needs of the project and identifying the best paint system for the job, we then worked in partnership with the team to ensure that the management firm, painting contractor, and paint supplier were all aligned for the best results. 

Jobsite Surveys

We committed to regular onsite surveys from project start to finish. Detailed reports and pictures of each visit were created and input into our Go Canvas reporting system. This allowed for easy and streamlined communication with the school and project leaders. 

Pull tests from our sealant partners at Pecora were also conducted to ensure product performed as designed in all construction joints. 

Color Consultation

As a registered historical building it was imperative that the color, even if white, stayed true to the history and style of architecture. We worked to pick the purest and brightest white for the desired outcome. Three complimentary door colors were selected as well for use throughout the school. 

Florida Paints is my prefered paint supplier. Their products and service is unmatched.


A piece of history is preserved. The vibrant white color honors the buildings history and delivers a lasting surface that will protect this jewel of Sarasota for years to come.


Jobsite Surveys Performed


Gallons of Paint

5 year

Warranted System


Tubes of Sealant

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