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Paint Products

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Made in Florida to Perform in Florida

Our extensive portfolio of products delivers lasting performance for beautiful projects inside and out. We like to think of them as cans of paint perfection.

Florida weather is great for living, but hard on paint. Our exterior products are made to protect painted surfaces from the brutal Florida sun, heat, humidity, and rain.

Direct sunlight, humidity, and high traffic also take a toll on interior walls. Our products provide a durable, worry-free solution for the indoor painted surfaces.

What Makes Florida Paints Different?

Florida Paints makes exceptional paint products uniquely formulated for optimized performance in the Southeastern climates. The result is long-lasting color, protection, and guaranteed performance from every product we manufacture.

Different applications require different solutions. Our specialty products are designed for use on a variety of substrates.

Walls aren’t the only surfaces that need protection. We have a full line of sealants and specialty coatings to protect and beautify wood decks and concrete floors.