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100% Acrylic Wall & Trim Paint

AllGrip is an advanced technology, premium quality acrylic coating that cleans up with soap and water. Its heavy duty formulation makes it a super choice for re-coats in the home, schools, hospitals, laboratories, bathrooms, and kitchens. AllGrip can be applied over clean, aged, oil-based paints and epoxies without excessive preparation. AllGrip dries very rapidly to an extremely hard, durable film that is excellent anywhere you would normally use oil-based enamel. AllGrip is also excellent as a non-yellowing trim enamel in new residential and commercial construction.

Product Features:

  • Tenacious adhesion 
  • Direct to aged alkyd coatings 
  • Excellent color and gloss retention 
  • Mildew resistant 
  • Low odor and non-yellowing 
  • Soap and water clean up