Elastomeric Adhesive Compound

Plastiflex Elastomeric Adhesive Compound is an extremely flexible elastomeric patching compound designed to bridge cracks and minor surface defects in interior and exterior concrete, stucco, masonry and wood substrates. Its special formulation also provides excellent adhesion for dis-similar substrates: metal to wood, metal to masonry and wood to masonry. Once cured, it provides a permanent, yet flexible, repair that is mildew resistance. It is low odor, low VOC, cleans up with soap and water and is easy to apply by brush or flexible blade putty or broad knife.

Product Features: 
  • Excellent adhesion 
  • Extremely flexible, up to 900% elongation 
  • Excellent resistance to mildew 
  • Non-shrinking 
  • Smooth or textured 
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