Zero VOC* Interior Latex Drywall Primer

A high resin content, premium quality zero VOC interior drywall primer/sealer. It is also usable on new wood door casings and baseboards in new construction underneath alkyd enamel topcoats, or
where wood bleed is not a problem. It is also excellent under most wallcovering and under other high quality latex or alkyd finishes. It seals uneven porosity, leaving the topcoat looking even and
smooth, and dramatically improves the durability and washability of any latex finish. This product is for interior use only and is zero VOC* before the addition of tinting colorant.

• Zero VOC

• Virtually no odor

• Minimizes surface imperfections

• Reduces surface porosity

• Improves adhesion, flow and leveling of the topcoat

• High hiding

• Soap and water clean up

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