5140 Interior/Exterior Hi-Performance 2-Part Aliphatic Urethane Enamel


Hi-Performance Aliphatic Urethane Enamel

Flo-Thane is an industrial two-component acrylic aliphatic urethane clear coating specially formulated to provide outstanding durability and unsurpassed chemical resistance in a variety of interior and exterior commercial and industrial environments. It provides excellent resistance to abrasion, industrial cleaners, and impact abuse. It guards against alkali attack, acids and salt spray while yielding excellent hardness and durability in a high gloss, fade resistant finish. Its performance qualities far exceed those of conventional type coatings such as alkyd enamels or industrial air dry enamels.

Product Features: 
• Acrylic/Aliphatic polyurethane formula
• Excellent coverage and durability
• Rust inhibitive and chemical resistant
• Moisture and alkali resistant
• High solids for extra toughness
• Impact resistant
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