DuraDek Resin Fortifier

TropiCrete DuraDek 100% Acrylic Resin Fortifier is a resin specifically formulated to be blended with 6060 TropiCrete DuraDek dry bag mix to create an overlay system for decorating or repairing most horizontal concrete surfaces. Just combine the proper ratio of TropiCrete DuraDek Resin Fortifier and 6060 TropiCrete DuraDek dry bag mix to decorate or repair most concrete swimming pool decks as well as walkways and patios. TropiCrete DuraDek provides a very durable, decorative finish, it maintains outstanding color integrity and is very maintenance friendly. TropiCrete DuraDek can be used to produce countless patterns and designs and can also be top coated in a variety of colors. TropiCrete DuraDek is designed for use in residential, architectural, commercial and light industrial applications on a variety of properly prepared new and existing concrete surfaces. TropiCrete DuraDek has the ability to withstand light vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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