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So Much More Than Just a Can of Paint

We offer an array of support services throughout each stage of your project to guarantee successful and lasting outcomes. From color services to training, coatings application inspections, and free on-site delivery, we’re here for you!

Technical Services

Field Surveys
Check The Integrity of Your Paint System

Need a professional opinion for a client? Our field technicians will perform unbiased third-party testing to determine the condition of the substrate, paint system, and the surrounding environment. We test for surface integrity, moisture intrusion, and alkali levels to name a few.

Paint Specification Guidelines
Define Your Project In Detail

Set clear and upfront expectations by having us create your project specifications. We provide documentation describing proper surface preparation, paint products for each substrate, and correct application techniques. This helps ensure that all parties involved are working together to achieve maximum paint system performance.

Maintenance Evaluation
Evaluate Your Paints Performance

A coat of paint is thinner than a sheet of paper, but it still is expected to perform. Make sure your paint system is retaining its color and protecting the surface with an environment and maintenance evaluation from the pros at Florida Paints.

Failure Analysis
Know What Caused Your Paint To Fail

Determining the cause of paint system failures can be challenging. We have the expertise to analyze what conditions caused the problem, and the experience to recommend the proper corrective measures need to achieve satisfaction.

A Florida Paints employee performing a paint inspection service on a textured wall.

FREE Job Site Delivery

Time is money. And no matter how big or small the job, we know productivity is key. Save valuable time and keep your projects on pace with our free same-day delivery service. Avoid the traffic and the hassle. Whether you have a large planned in advance order or a small last-minute need, our fleet of vans is ready to come to you.

Color Services

Color Matching
Pick A Color, Any Color

Create unique spaces and environments with our custom color matching service. Our extra clean, pure tint bases allow us to custom mix an endless array of colors, in addition to matching most colors from other manufacturers. Ask our experts about crafting unique color solutions beyond the standard fan deck.

Color Consultation
We Know Trends, But Value The Classics

Color evokes a feeling, sets a tone, and influences mood. From old Florida to contemporary designs, our color experts can help curate the perfect color palette for any project. Color tells a story, let us work with you to find the voice of your project.

Color Proofing
A Coat Of Confidence

Paint color chips are printed ink and don’t always match the actual paint color. Take advantage of our color drawdown service for a sample of the true color. Tell us the products and colors you need and we will prepare 8.5” by 11” samples of the same paint product, color and sheen to be applied on the job. This gives you, and your customer, color confidence.

Digital Color Rendering
Take The Guesswork Out Of Color

Not sure if a color scheme is right for your project? Florida Paints can take a photo of your project, digitally repaint it, and provide you with the ultimate color visualization tool via print or email. With this technology you can feel the color before you paint the color.

Florida Paints

Whether you are a painting contractor, builder, architect, specifier, developer, property manager, or homeowner, we’ve got you covered.

Know What the Pros Know

From understanding the basic chemistry of paint to proper maintenance techniques and solutions to common problems, our paint masters are ready to share their experience with you.

Continuing Education

Satisfy CEU requirements with our ‘It’s More Than a Gallon of Paint, It’s Chemistry’ program and other approved courses. Learn what goes into a can of paint, common coating system failures and what to do to prevent and correct them, and the importance of using a trusted paint partner.

Lunch & Learns

Grab a bite and learn everything you wanted to know about paint but were afraid to ask. Whether it’s Paint 101, or a more technical or custom session, we have the tools to create a program to suit any educational need.

Product Training

Our carefully selected vendor partners are just as dedicated to the success of your projects as we are. In-store or on-site, vendor-supported training options are available for tools & equipment. Learn proper usage, tips & techniques, and all about the latest technology.